The Work of Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias is a Brazilian author dedicated to the literary life. Since childhood, he has been in love with words and the world of books. This early passion for the written word was instilled in him at an early age by his parents, who were well-educated people who believed in the value of higher learning. Dias’ mother was a writer and his father was a notable architect in Brazil.

Jaime Garcia Dias has worked hard to establish himself as a notable author in the Brazilian literary world, and his efforts have paid off. At age 45, Dias has 20 books to his credit, and along with this he is also garnering acclaim for his work. He was recently awarded the ABC Award of Brazil for literature. This high honor came in response to the consistently high quality of his writing.

Dias’ dedication to learning and the written word has extended into his other career as an educator. Dias spent five years early on in his career as a teacher at the Carioca Literary School in Brazil. The school is a prep school for young students who wish to pursue the literary life, and Dias was a perfect fit for the school environment there.

Early Significant Influences

Dias attributes his early love of the literary life to his parents but also to the many writers who inspired him early on. One of the most notable writers that Dias greatly admires is Jorge Amado. Amado was born in 1912 and died in 2001, so his writing had a large influence on the tone of Brazilian literature in the last century.

Amado was known for his whimsical humor, and the way that that humor translated into day to day life in Brazil. One of his most popular books was “Dona Flor and her Two Husbands,” which Amado wrote in 1966. The book was later turned into a film by the same name, which garnered international acclaim. The story concerns a woman named Dona Flor who carries on an affair with the ghostly memory of her dead husband, even while she continues on with a real life lover. Dias often cites Amado as a major influence on his style.

With many years ahead in his career, fans can only wait in expectation for the many creative works still to come for this innovative literary voice.

Doe Deere Believes in Positive Reinforcement in Leadership

Inspire and Uplift People to Succeed
Doe Deer is the founder and the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is a leader who holds the strong belief that positive reinforcement is the key to good leadership. She encourages other people to succeed by uplifting them with positive actions and reinforcement. The way to encourage success does not come from ruling with an iron fist according to Ms. Deere.

Cosmetics are Self Expression and Freedom
Doe Deere has very developed views in regards to the use of cosmetics. She believes that cosmetics allow for complete self expression and freedom. She strives to prove that cosmetics will do much more that just hide imperfections. She also holds the belief that makeup should feel right rather than look right. Makeup is to intended for the moment. This is the reason that she launched her own line of cosmetics. She developed makeup that is filled with beautiful colors. Lime Crime is cruelty-free and adds a little magical mystery. Ms. Deer provides a line of makeup that is bold and unique.

Inspiration Came From Sewing Days
The idea and inspiration for the Lime Crime Cosmetics had come from the days when Doe used to sew. She was drawn to remarkable an unusual colors. She knew these colors were not easy to obtain. She had launched Lime Crime in the year 2008. She had the desire to offer products that would leave room for a personal style and offer the consumer the freedom to create their own look and style. Today Doe Deere waits patiently for inspiration to come right to her. When the inspiration hits her she acts decisively and quickly. She is a person who must live and feel anything that will go into production. She is a CEO who chooses to ensure that her products are authentic for all customers. She is a woman who will bring ideas to life.

E-Commerce Versus Brick-and-Mortar
Doe Deere is enthusiastic about the latest consumer trend. The consumers have seemed to make a switch from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce. Doe believes that the advantages to shopping online are numerous. Lime Crime is known to be one of the first cosmetic companies to keep a solid and strong focus on e-commerce. When she started Lime Crime in 2008, she was advised not to go with e-commerce. She was told that the consumer would never purchase cosmetics without trying it on in person. Doe Deere disagreed. She knew that if she could present her cosmetics correctly that the consumer would be intrigued. She also believed that e-commerce would provide convenience. She strives to continue to provide a superior shopping experience with quality products.

Information about CCMP Capital Company

Stephen Murray joined CCMP Capital in 1989 and had worked with the company until March 2015. He has worked for the company under various ownership and shareholders. Stephen has seen the equity firm go through the various phases of growth. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase became the CEO of the organization in 2007 after it started practicing independently. As the president, he attends meetings and negotiates with other partners on issues that are of interest to the organization. Steve was among the main investors who sacrificed his life for this firm. The company lost one of its founders and a great contributor.

Over the years, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Company has reported an increase in their income due to the increased market they have established. Many investors want to invest in this firm because they foresee the future success of the firm. The company uses the technology to reach their clients and stockholders. They have various products to get to different markets depending on the preference of each segment. For the students, the company has the student loan financing package. These loans have low-interest rates to attract more learners to use it and stand out as the best firm in the industry.

For the last decades, the economic changes have been the main challenges to the banking industry. The investors and managers are unable to predict the future changes. The global economy lacks a comprehensive system to control it and maintain it at a controllable level. Operating the company independently gives it more survival strategy in this harsh economy. Managers have reduced financial risks by diversifying its investments. They have invested in other profitable portfolios that provide the entity with capital to run in an efficient manner. The management trains the financial personnel on the merits and demerits of diversifying risk.

The CCMP Capital focuses on expanding the capital transactions and leveraged buyout. It has employed over 50 staffs and had offices in Tokyo, London, New York, and Hong Kong. The human resource of this company ensures that only qualified staffs work for the firm. The department trains the workers as a method of motivating them. Staffs attend seminars and workshops to learn about the trending issues in the industry. Training and motivating employees ensure that the company retains its customers because they will offer quality services that meet the wants of the customers.

CCMP Capital has integrated Corporate Social Responsibility in their business model. The managers ensure that the firm operates as per the laws of the state, obey the ethical standards, and the social norms. This firm has supported the local communities by donating in education and medical matters. The model aims at embracing responsibilities for corporate duties and encourages positive effect on the investors, customers, employees, and the surrounding society.

Deserving Better vs. Working for Something

In the workforce, there are many types of people. However, the main types of people that occupy the workforce are those who whine about how they deserve more than what they have, and those that understand that they have to start somewhere and work hard to get to where they want to be. They want to make sure that they earn what they get. They understand their requirements and focus on meeting them as opposed to getting “what they deserve”. In a way, they are grateful to have a position. Susan McGalla is one of those that show a will to work as opposed to an entitlement mentality.

Working for something is a lot harder than just demanding special treatment. At the same time, it is more than worth it for the individual who achieves her goals. Susan McGalla knows the value of actually working for something. She has taken the time to learn from different sources the value of hard work. She has also taken the time to learn from people that have went before her in the business that she pursued. Thanks to the information that she has gained, she was able to effectively apply what she has learned and create a successful enterprise for people.

She has always held management positions for companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and Joseph Horne Company. She eventually branched off and started her own company which is known as P3 Executive Consulting. Her company is founded with the purpose of helping with the planning and growth of the Pitsburg Steelers. Of course, she was met with some obstacles and setbacks. Many people who set out to pursue big goals often find themselves faced with an obstacle in their way. The only difference between Susan McGalla and people that fail is that she does not let an obstacle stop her from going after what she wants.

Persistence and a good attitude is the important key to achieving huge goals. Susan McGalla is a great example of someone who is of a sound mind. Other activities and jobs include being a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh. She has a lot of experience and examples that she could teach others. She is also taking people a step towards true equality in that they don’t address each other according to any group that they are a part of. Instead, the individual is looked at on individual terms.

James Dondero the Finance and Investment Fund Genius

James Donero is highly knowledgeable of credit markets as he has over 30 years of experience working in them. Jim Dondero received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. It was here that he received a Bachelor of Science degree in commerce that included majors in accounting and finance. James’ career in the industry began in 1985. From 1985 until 1989 James handled managing roughly 1 billion dollars in funds for the credit card giant American Express.

Before the Credit Card Giant
Before working at American Express, James Dondero completed a financial training program through JP Morgan. James also a certified managerial accountant who has the right to use the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. From 1989 until 1993 James was the chief investment officer at protective life GIC subsidiary. During his time here he helped cultivates of business from an idea to a company worth over 2 billion dollars.

Then Came Highland Capital Management
In 1993, James co-founded Highland Capital Management. Since 1993, he has served as a co-founder and president of the company. His portfolio management resume includes working with investment grade corporate, high yield bonds, preferred stocks, common stocks, mortgage-backed derivatives as well as emerging market debt. The client base at Highland Capital Management includes governments, financial institutions, foundations, corporations and public pension plans to name a few. Their specialties include credit strategies distressed and special situations collateralized loan obligations and private equity. Currently between Highland Capital Management and their affiliates they managed roughly 21 billion dollars of assets. Their main headquarters are in Dallas Texas, which is where Mr.Dondero now resides. They however also have offices around the globe in Singapore, New York, and Seoul.

Not Just the President of Highland Capital Management
On top of being the president of the company he also serves on many different boards. He is currently the chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare Group, the chairperson for NexBank and the chairperson for CCS Medical. James also serves on the board of directors for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as well as the Board of Directors for the American Banknote Corporation.

Unparalleled Knowledge and Dedication
James dedication to the finance and credit markets is unparalleled. Looking at his portfolio it is easy to see how he has become the successful business person that he is today. James was an original pioneer that worked with CLO also known as Collateralized Loan Obligation. At Highland, he now oversees operations for retail and institutional products as well as Highland’s investment strategies.

Award Winning Investment Funds
Many of the investment funds that James has worked with throughout his career have received awards and accolades. In 2014, they won several including the Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation. The same year they also won the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities as well as the Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity fund.

CCMP Capital Co-Founder Stephen Murray Passes Away

The 1990s saw a number of mergers in the private equity industry involving blue-chip companies such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse First Boston. One merger involved Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation which merged with Chemical Venture Partners in 1991. In 1996, Chemical Venture Partners became Chase Capital Partners after it had acquired Chase Manhattan Bank. After acquiring J.P. Morgan and Company in 2000, Chase Capital Partners became JP Morgan Partners and in 2005, Stephen Murray became the head of its buyout business. Then in 2006, JP Morgan Partners split from the recently formed banking conglomerate JP Morgan Chase and CCMP Capital was created with its co-founder, Stephen Murray, as its CEO.

Mr. Murray was born in 1962 and received and degree in economics from Boston College and a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia University’s School of Business. He received training as a credit analyst through a program with the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, and a few years later he went to work for Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation. He stayed with Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation through all of its mergers and name changes before become the co-founder and CEO of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin. He served on the board of a number of major companies including Aramark, AMC Entertainment and The Vitamin Shoppe, and he was known for his philanthropy by donating his time and money to such organizations like the Make-A-Wish foundation of Metro New York and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. In February of this year, Mr. Murray stepped down as CEO of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital due to health related reason and passed away a month later at the age of 52.

Mr. Murray was known for being an excellent investor and deal maker who co-founded a successful private equity firm. He spent most of his career in private equity and lasted through the numerous mergers, acquisitions and spinouts that were occurring in the industry during 1990s and into the 2000s. Mr. Murray is survived by his wife and four children.

Doe Deere: An Inspirational Businesswoman

Doe Deere, creator and owner of Lime Crime makeup, was recently interviewed about her vision by Stephanie Janetos. Doe Deere can be seen on Instagram, with her brand, Lime Crime showing its vibrant colors. Deere is a business woman and artist, named by Self-Made magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. She got there by creating Lime Crime on Here are some things Deere had to say about her company.

Deere notes she was an artistic child with a wild imagination which led to the discovery of her brand. She has always been very interested in color, wearing as much color as possible when she was a child. She also used to experiment with her mother’s makeup.

Deere first remembers trying makeup when she was 9. She began with dark pink eyeshadow, doing a cat eye style shadow. She has had both good and bad makeup moments. She claims she was not good at makeup until she was into her 20s. She experimented with different colors and textures even if it may not have turned out too well. She began posting her pictures online in 2006 and created a large following. Two years later, Deere founded her brand, Lime Crime, with already having a following on the internet.

Deere named her brand Lime Crime after her eBay store. She originally liked this name because it used both rhyming and her favorite color, lime. Deere enjoys the word “crime” to represent breaking the rules of makeup and fashion.

Deere claims that having an internet based company has its advantages and hardships. She loves the immediate feedback available on social media. She loves being connected to her customers in that way. The downside, however, is the rumors. Deere says people can anonymously write anything on the internet, whether it is true or not. Deere tries to grow and improve from any criticism she finds online about Lime Crime.

Deere chooses to ignore negative critics, especially when she knows any claim is false or inaccurate. Although she does address legitimate concerns, she ignores anonymous people online who are just being rude. Deere chooses to continue to be inspired by her supporters, whom she refers to as her Unicorns. She does this because she finds that unicorns are different and proud of themselves.

Deere says being named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs was surreal. She hopes to be able to be a role model for women business makers in the future.

Beneful Is Wholesome Goodness That My Dog Loves

It seems a lot easier to care for a dog than it really is, and I have learned the hard way that dogs are somewhat difficult to care for. I’ve never raised anyone or anything before, so having to raise a dog is somewhat of a challenge. My dog is always giving me a problem when I put him in a tub of water, and he gets the entire floor wet. He’s jumped out of the water on a few occasions, and he even turned on the hot water one time, which almost burnt him. The dog did get the hot water on himself, but he got away in time before he was injured.

I didn’t know what it would take for the dog to let me bathe him, but I decided to stop bathing him in the tub in my home, and I chose to get him a portable tub that I could use and bathe him outside. It seems as if when I switched up to bathe him outside, that’s when he decided that he likes taking baths. He would jump in and out of the water, run around the tub, and he was very playful. I started liking my dog more after he would let me bathe him, especially since he did smell bad sometimes.

I take my dog for a walk every day and depending on the weather outside, the dog may sweat and start to smell bad. I’ll bathe him every evening because of the fact that he is overheated, and maybe that’s why he enjoys the cool water so much. The warm weather won’t last very long, but at least in the meantime it makes for a good time when we walk outside. I always walk to the corner store whenever I need to buy dog food, and the food I always buy is Beneful. Beneful has been my favorite dog food since I purchased my dog, and it’s because I see results from it.

I’ll read the ingredients that’s in my own food before I eat it, and I know that protein and carbohydrates are what help to give me energy when I’m eating food. The same way I know what should go into my food is how I know what should go into my dog’s food. Beneful on twitter has wholesome foods that not only helps my dog to have the energy he needs, but my dog also enjoys eating Beneful as well. I’ve even chosen to get Beneful treats, and Beneful also has dental sticks that help to keep my dog’s teeth clean. My dog has had less bad breath since I’ve been giving him Beneful dental sticks, so I’m thankful that Beneful products are so great.

Highland Capital Management Thinks Korea Investors May Lose More Money In Brazil

Brazil has been one of the shinning stars of the investment industry for the last four years. James Dondero the financial expert, and founder of Highland Capital Management on has been involved with Brazilian investments for several years. Dondero thinks Brazil is still a good market, but right now things are a financial mess. Dondero is familiar with the mess that some foreign investments can create. He was the chief financial officer for Protective Life, and he was a fund manager for American Express for several years. During his tenure at American Express he was involved in foreign investments and not all of them produced high returns.

Jim Dondero and Highland Capital know that Brazil is still a good investment, but the recent Korean lost has made some investors very nervous. Korean investors that put money in high-yielding Brazilian bonds lost more than $4.9 billion because of the recent credit rating downgrade. Korean investors weren’t the only investors to lose money on Brazilian bonds, but Korea stands out because of the dollar amount that was wiped out, according to Highland Capital executives. Korean investors’ money has been cut in half since they made initial investments in 2011. Highland Capital fund managers think that Korean investors, as well as other foreign investors, will lose more money if the other agencies downgrade Brazil’s credit rating. That action could happen at any time according to the fund managers. And, if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates the sell-off in emerging markets will add to Brazil’s investment misery.

Highland Capital’s CEO says investment routs like this one aren’t new. Korea lost big in 1998 following the 1997 currency crisis, and hedge funds lost big-time after the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. But even though those financial blows were fresh in the minds of investors, Brazilian bonds were too good to pass up in terms of returns. Brazil was sitting on top of the world when oil prices were $115 a barrel. Brazilian bonds were producing more than 10 percent annual profit, and thanks to a bilateral agreement between Korea and Brazil individual investments in Brazil were tax-free. That’s why most of Brazilian bond holders are individuals from Korea.

Highland Capital executives say things began to change in Brazil in 2009. That’s when the government slapped a 2 percent tax on foreign investments. The tax increased to 6 percent the next year. After the World Cup Games foreign investors started to get out of the Brazilian market. Finally, in 2013, Brazil decided to drop the tax and Korean investors jumped into the market with both of their financial feet. But in 2014, Brazil’s economy started to breakdown, according to Highland Capital’s Dondero. Brazil was hit hard by U.S. shale prices and their number one trading partner, China was importing less from Brazil because of their internal fiasco, according to Dondero.

The Korean loss is not uncommon in the investment world, according to hedge fund managers. That is the nature of the investment game, but Highland Capital has a strategy to prevent those extraordinary losses.

Economists and Financial Planning with Christian Broda

Economists form an important part of the economy as they are obligated to come up with ways of improving efficiency in the handling of resources, predicting future market trends and finding solutions to incumbent economic problems. They employ mathematical and statistical analysis methods integrated with sophisticated programs to make recommendations geared towards economic development. Economists are applicable in a diverse field of career paths in finance, accountancy, marketing and business administration just to mention a few. They apply even in the public sector, for instance in situations where political leaders or the government consult with economists before implementing economic policies for the benefit of the society. Economists are equipped with special skills for measuring a country’s development following the annual GDP and, therefore, suggest ways to manage the situation professionally.

Economists are tasked with carrying out research to come up with facts about fiscal and monetary policy, and specific points of a given country’s economy on which to put more emphasis. From this knowledge, economists acquire the insight needed to find solutions to economic problems. Environments like the stock market that is largely based on the current and yet to come market trends make a great use of economists to know where and when to put a certain amount of investment to register positive returns. Therefore, research is heavily invested in to avoid cases of unnecessary loss.

Christian Broda is an active American economist whose voice has been prominent in the American stock market through his predictions and policies. Christian has a vast knowledge in economics earned over the years he’s been in practice. He got his education from Universidad de San Andres-based in Argentina with masters and Ph.D. in MIT. He is currently affiliated to Duquesne Capital Management where he has facilitated growth for several start-up companies through hedge fund. His contribution to the American economy is through a quarterly journal of Economics where he discusses in depth international finance and trade. In addition to that Christian on forbes has publications in the American Economic Review on his views for financial development. He has also worked at the University as an esteemed professor in Economics. He’s been sure to speak out his mind on matters featuring the economy and stock market and even providing strategies for growth.

Economists often represent their findings in models showing the trends and financial graphs in economic languages easily read by the economy builders like corporations and industries. These patterns are mostly influenced by the change in consumer tastes, the state of the consumers’ pockets and a number of available resources. From this, economists then find ways to deal with these factors to reduce their effect, mostly negative, on the economy of the country. The models, therefore, act as maps for the economic road destination being the country’s development. They are however only implemented if they are proven viable and in agreement with the others presented by similar economic stakeholders. Christian Broda’s as an economist is a motivation to the young aspiring economists globally.